How to become Facebook friends with Corey Feldman? Donate $40 to his album’s crowdfunding campaign


Last summer, Corey Feldman made headlines when he and his band performed live at a minor league baseball game. The State College Spikes, a Class-A affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals, were continuing their “Retro Night” series by bringing in the Lost Boys actor. But unlike a previous appearance by Alfonso Ribeiro, the actor who played Carlton on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, the night became less about meeting and greeting a famed celebrity of yesterday and more about Feldman’s band, Truth Movement, who the team said provided an R-rated performance, complete with Feldman’s scantily clad “Angels”, in front of several families.

This week, Feldman’s music career is back in the news, as he has launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign to pay for his new 22-track, decade-long album project, Angelic To The Core, which features guest appearances by Snoop Dogg, Fred Durst, a Pussycat Doll and a Black Eyed Pea. He’s looking for $105,000, and has only nine days left to raise it.

“It’s an exiting new musical journey, kinda like a concept album,” Feldman says in the promo video. “But instead of telling a story, it takes the listener through a musical experience, a musical journey, through all types of sounds, from EDM to pop to rock to hip-hop, everything in between. It’s literally a sound of the ages.”


Naturally, the donation “perks” are pretty incredible. For $5, he’ll tweet the donor a personal message, and for $10, he’ll take an Instagram photo of whatever the contributor wants (nothing “dirty” though). Things rise up to the $50,000 range, where Feldman and his band will travel anywhere in the world to play a concert.

But perhaps the best deal comes in at a reasonable $40, which allows you to become Feldman’s personal Facebook friend. And he’s cleared out 200 spots just for you.


He writes, very Prince-like: “1 of the top requests I get from U guys, is 2 add U 2 my Friends list on FB. Its a tricky thing as FB caps it at 5000. Though U can have as many followers as U like, U cant add more friends! HOWEVER as a special PERK I have managed 2 clear up 200 spots! So don8 2day, B a FRIEND 4 LIFE! NOTE* (I will only toler8 friendly fire n positive comments! If U tweet anything I percieve as negative towards me or any of the #Feldfam on my acct, your priveledges will automatically be revoked.)”

If you’re wondering why Feldman — who has starred in ’80s films like Dream A Little Dream, License To Drive, and The Goonies, and will play a “cross-dressing vampire” in Corbin Nash — needs the money (maybe you’re not wondering, actually), it’s because he says that no one takes his musical career seriously. So he’s reaching out to fans and giving them unlimited access to his world.

“However unfortunate as it was, once I was established as an actor, I found it increasingly harder 4 anybody 2 give my music a chance,” he writes in his campaign pitch, which clocks in at around 3,300 words. “Although I started songwriting at 13, & began doing Live concerts at 15, I was not able 2 release my 1st album until I was 22 yrs old via a small indy label. No major record company would take me seriously. I was never told ‘The music stinks’ or ‘I just don’t hear it’, as typical turn downs from major labels go. No! Instead I got lots of weird excuses like ‘The songs are catchy, but do U have 2 sing them’? or ‘Not bad 4 an actor, but we don’t feel U will have the time 2 dedicate 2 a music career’, I was blown off, laughed at, & the doors were continuously slammed in my face. Never because of a lack of talent, but rather because of a prejudice, how could I succeed when so many others had tried before me and failed?”

Good question. Click below for the campaign. [h/t AV Club]