Emerald Kicks: Here’s a five-hour alternative playlist of Irish rock, punk and folk bands

Today is St. Patrick’s Day across Boston — and elsewhere, we’re told, but really, especially, here in Boston — and while the world is surely green with envy, the usual sounds of our city on this magical day are pretty played out. We know everyone woke up with the opening strums of “Shipping Up To Boston” ringing through their whiskey-tipped heads this morning, but sometimes we have to step away from the Dropkicks, the Flogging Mollys, and even the U2s of the world to get through the day.

To the rescue, longtime Boston resident John D’Oh (probably not his birth name) whipped up a very nice five-hour, 93-track Spotify playlist of Irish bands and artists called Saint Padraig’s, and it’ll come in very handy over the course of the day.

It features the Undertones (pictured up top, and creators of one of the most underrated songs of the 20th century in “Teenage Kicks”), My Bloody Valentine, Thin Lizzy, Stiff Little Fingers, Boomtown Rats, and a whole lot of Pogues.

Let it be the bangers to your mash.