Song Premiere: Luke Reed finds his dream-pop voice in new single ‘Like Other People’

Despite playing in bands like Bent Shapes, Mini Dresses, Fedavees and Feral Jenny), Somerville’s Luke Reed has somehow found the time to craft and release own brand of solo music, a kind of despondent type of pop. His latest track, “Like Other People”, which we are premiering today, is a bit of dream-pop with ’80s synthesizer vibes. While his lyrics express feelings of anxiety and uncertainty, it contrasts with the upbeat guitar, synth and drums. The song is similar to local dream-pop group Funeral Advantage in terms of style and influence.

“The song’s about having a lot of anxiety in interacting with other people,” he tells us via email. “Feeling like I have nothing to offer or even that my presence is a burden and that I’m constantly disappointing people. So I isolate myself. But being alone only intensifies those feelings and causes me to be even lonelier. It’s easier to be alone in a lot of ways. But I don’t want to be”.

While Reed’s solo act has no upcoming shows planned, and Feral Jenny has nothing on the horizon “since our bassist moved away,” Reed writes, the musician remains busy: Bent Shapes have an album release show next Thursday, March 10, at Great Scott in Allston, and Mini Dresses are playing Horse Jumper of Love’s tour kickoff this Thursday at Ban Ham. Ask around for info.