‘The ace of our spades’: London venue honors Lemmy on weekend of cancelled Motörhead shows

Last year, Motörhead announced their 40th anniversary tour, a long-winding romp that would extend into 2016 with a string of dates in the United Kingdom. Last night and tonight, the legendary band were to play the Hammersmith Apollo in London, but the gigs had been cancelled, obviously, after the December 28 death of frontman Lemmy Kilmister.

This weekend, the Hammersmith opted to not fill the date with another show, and instead paid tribute to a legend. The official Motörhead Facebook page described the gesture as “a slice of absolute class.”

“You’re the ace of our spades… RIP Lemmy,” read the Hammersmith marquee, with posters of the late musician lining the front entrances.

“Yes, tonight would’ve been the first night of a bombastic sold-out brace…ah man…how many wonderful memories do we all have of seeing Motörhead in this most hallowed of venues?” wrote the Motörhead Facebook page. “Seeing this photograph is one of those moments which forces the blunt reality of life upon us, but equally, perhaps we can use it as a catalyst to share some Hammy Odeon stories. …Motörhead FOR LIFE!!!

In 1981, Motörhead released a live album, No Sleep ’til Hammersmith, but no songs were actually recorded at the venue. Check out the image bellow from UK radio host and producer Ian Camfield, and read our interview with him about his longtime friendship with Lemmy.