Barking High & Low: Watch this calm and relaxed Retriever play drums on a-ha’s ‘Take On Me’


Last year the internet lost its shit over a dog in cool shades drumming along to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”, spawning a million “Better than Lars!” jokes and possibly inspiring other pups to take up music. Now, along comes a Retriever mix named Maple showing off some kick drum skills as his partner strums along an acoustic version of a-ha’s ’80s classic, “Take On Me”.

These are not Scoundrel Days, and this is no scoundrel dog.

We won’t bother wasting investigative journalism resources on the legitimacy here. Because this eight-second Vine is truly magnificent, and we’re sure this cool pooch knows that a-ha were way more than their biggest hit, and even a dog has more soul than a drum machine.


As this Vine soars past the 1.3 million loop mark, we kindly ask that Morten Harket please take note for any future a-Ha tours that need a drummer.