Set Your Away Message: Don’t freak out but O-Town is playing Allston in January

January is a weird time here around Boston. Everyone’s got a collective hangover from the holidays, there’s usually a fuckton of snow, slush and ice everywhere, and all anyone has to really look forward to is the Patriots’ latest Super Bowl run. There aren’t many shows or parties, and if there are, they’re likely to get snowed out. January sucks. It’s the worst month.

January 2016, however, might be ay-oh-fucking-kay, because it looks like long-lost boy band O-Town are playing Brighton Music Hall in Allston on the 13th. They’re also playing ManchVegas, New Hampshire, two days later. Screw Santa, next month mall employees should be singing motherfucking jingles about Erik-Michael Estrada coming to town.

For those who forgot (hey it’s cool), O-Town was the boy band from the first season of MTV’s Making The Band. They were pretty much doomed from the start, but had some decent singles (“Liquid Dreams” and its Destiny’s Child shout-out was soooo 2000 but it kinda holds up). They apparently reformed in 2013, and that reunion came without Ashley Parker Angel, which we guess is a sticking point for some but really who cares it’s still mostly O-Town.

They released a new album Lines & Circles in August of last year and we’re sure it’s lovely but on that cold January night please just give us some “All Or Nothing” — which is really the boy band version of “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” — and “These Are The Days.” Get yourself reacquainted with all sorts of y2k emotions and AOL Away Message lyrics below…

O Town Tour