Song Premiere: Providence folk bandits Consuelo’s Revenge show no ‘Mercy’ on new album


Providence’s folk scene is a diverse landscape, with a plethora of acts moving their sound towards blues, goth, heartland, and gypsy genres. Consuelo’s Revenge is one particular band that encompasses it all in exuding a wide-ranging repertoire of songs, each having a way of coming straight for your soul. The septet’s songs come from the heart, telling stories that hark back to the past and messages that resonate incredible meaning, bringing something different to the table while separating themselves from the rest.

Their album release party for Mercy is set for Friday night at Aurora on Westminster Street in the downcity area of Providence, and it leads a stacked local lineup with the legendary Jay Berndt & The Orphans, 2015 Newport Folk Festival starlets Haunt The House, and the soulful Sara Azriel.

With the ability to make you dance in a frenzy while at other times making you swoon, these days Consuelo’s Revenge consists of Amanda Salemi on vocals, John Ferriera on drums, Kirk Anderson switching between accordion and lead electric guitar, Becca Neveu on the keys, Ian Lacombe on bass, Alicia Ruggiero on violin, and Nicholas Smyth on an acoustic six-string. Smyth and Lacombe also join in on singing duties. Mercy is a fantastic follow-up to the septet’s self-titled debut that came out in summer 2013, and a few ballads, a bunch of high-octane rockers, and others adorned with jumping beats are throughout the album.


Diving into that gypsy blues territory is “All Fall Down”, where Salemi is Joplin-esque with a trademark rasp that gives this rhythmic rabble-rouser a dose of grit. Another track that goes at a feverish pace is “The Palatine Light”, where Salemi tells a dark story about a crew on a pirate ship battling against the devil himself in the middle of the frozen sea. For teaser, sample both of those tracks below.

Feature photo by Daniel Sullivan


Consuelo's Revenge