Rapper gets free dinner from appreciative fan who admits to stealing all his music


Just like everyone else these days, rappers gotta eat. But eating is tough when everybody is busy stealing all your music.

Luckily, veteran New York rapper R.A. The Rugged Man — one of the better performers to ever come out of this writer’s home of Long Island’s Suffolk County — encountered a fan at a restaurant recently, who just happened to be the joint’s cook. The fan admitted that he stole all of R.A.’s music, and gave him his dinner for free.

Via Facebook:


I was at a restaurant last night and the cook tells me "Wow, You're R.A. the Rugged Man, I steal all your music online, so don't worry about paying for dinner, its on us."

Posted by R.A. The Rugged Man Official Page on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

In the comments, someone asked how he felt about coming face-to-face with the musical pirate, but R.A. wasn’t sweating it.

“It was dope,” he replied. “I had just won my court case and avoided having to pay $19,000 and then I went straight from court to a nice Italian restaurant and they told me I don’t have to pay for dinner. I was like today is my day. lol”

The cook even chimed in later in the thread.

And this, ladies and germs, this is why R.A. The Rugged Man is “The People’s Champ”.