Lord Of The Sings: Elijah Wood loves to perform Pulp’s ‘This Is Hardcore’ at karaoke

Out in San Francisco, there’s an occasional event called Union Jack Off Karaoke, which is basically a bunch of Britpop nerds getting the chance to act out like Brett Anderson, Damon Albarn, Justine Frischmann, and Jarvis Cocker. It rules.

If actor Elijah Wood is ever in the Bay Area, he should probably check it out, as he recently revealed to the NME that he’s pretty sweet on performing Pulp’s 1998 single “This Is Hardcore”

“It’s just a great karaoke song,” he tells the UK publication for its Soundtrack Of My Life section, where Wood also discusses the first album he bought and the first song he fell in love to. “I did it recently at karaoke as a duet with [Spanish filmmaker] Nacho Vigalondo. It’s a relatively easy song for me to sing because Jarvis’ vocal register is pretty low and mine’s relatively low too. I was screwed when I tried to do Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’ because of all the high notes.”

You are hardcore, Elijah. You make us hard. You name the drama, and we’ll play the part.

Now all we need is video. In the meantime, here’s Pulp’s version.

[Credit: AP Photo]