Premiere: Sara Kendall opens up on emotional alt-pop single ‘I’ll Be Your Skin’

Sara Kendall has a message for her late father.

The singer, songwriter, and composer from Southborough, and currently studying at Berklee College of Music, today releases her latest single, a slow-burning electronic-pop number called “I’ll Be Your Skin”, and the subject is one where she had to look deep within her personal sense of emotion and longing.

“It’s a very personal song, where I open up to my feelings during the time when my dad was very sick, and eventually passed away,” Kendall tells Vanyaland. “The chorus explains my feelings of wanting to take in all of the pain he was going through and experience it myself instead. It’s hard to watch someone go through the stages of a cancer that’s defeating them and not be able to do anything about it.”

For the emotive, experimental “I’ll Be Your Skin,” which we are premiering today, Kendall reflected back to being a teenager. “This song is how I can explain my feelings as my 14, 15-year-old self going through this as best as I can,” she adds. “I never open up about this part of my life, but through this song I share a truly intimate part of it.”

Kendall recently wrapped up a run of shows at CMJ in New York, and while there are no local dates currently on the immediate calendar, we’re eager to hear the pull and allure of “I’ll Be Your Skin” in a live setting. Listen to the recorded version below via the performer’s Soundcloud.