Pitch Purr-fect: Anna Kendrick knows pretty much everything about Katy Perry’s cat


Anna Kendrick is America’s sweetheart. We all know this.

But did you also know that she knows pretty much everything about Katy Perry’s cat? Not only does the Future President of the United States pull off an incredible red panda impression, but she also has top-shelf inside knowledge of pop stars’ feline friends, apparently. The actress/singer/alpha-female joined Billy Eichner in the streets of New York recently for a game of “Billy on the Street”, and the host bombarded Kendrick with questions about Perry’s cat for a segment called “What Does Katy Perry’s Cat Care About?”

After a rough start, Kendrick went on to ace the rapid-fire quiz, knowing full well Perry’s cat does not care about the “Dark Horse” singer’s Super Bowl appearance, her career, her Cover Girl ads, or even her start in Christian metal, which was all the rage (again) last week. AK47 did know that Perry’s cat is into exploring strange noises, clean litter, and toys dangling on string.


Kendrick deserves a diploma for this. Instead, she was awarded the apostrophe from Lupita Nyong’o’s name.

Not bad.

Watch the video below.