Return To Fame: Listen to the 1975’s very Bowie-esque comeback single, ‘Love Me’

Hey remember all that millennial panic about the 1975 breaking up? June 1 was a weird day, that’s for sure. Turns out the Manchester rock band weren’t actually breaking up; they just sought out a rebirth. Or something.

Will They or Won’t They gimmicks aside, what we do know os that several months later the 1975 are back with a new song. It’s called “Love Me,” and daaaaaannnng it sounds quite a bit like David Bowie’s “Fame.” Which, uhhhh, came out in 1975.




Maybe they know this. Maybe they don’t. Maybe the real source material is Peter Gabriel’s “Steam”. The tune is catchy as a cough though, and you can hear it around the 3:40 mark of Annie Mac’s BBC Radio show, where it debuted as the Hottest Record In The World. The band discuss their sudden ’80s influence in the interview that follows, but don’t let on to any real ’70s glam-era Bowie worship. Check out some other scribbling and note work from the band after the embed.