Providence’s Way Out deliver perfect post-punk gloom on new single ‘Arrival’

Regardless of genre, the best music always has a habit of making the listener dance. It could be a bluegrass band plucking their strings at a feverish pace or some producer armed with beats that make you bounce around like a person possessed. The songs that make you dance are always the ones you remember and they always spark the best memories. Remember that night at the club you got with the most beautiful person in the room and grooved the night away? There was definitely a soundtrack to that evening that’ll always remain in your consciousness.

Way Out are a post-punk act from Providence that always has a habit of getting people to get loose. The power trio of Derek Knox — formerly of Boston via Providence dream pop act Littlefoot — on vocals and guitars, Anna Wingfield on drums, and bassist Nick Sadler, also known from Providence punk legends Daughters, creates some of the tightest rhythms you’ll ever hear with their new single “Arrival”. The track will be featured on Way Out’s upcoming self-titled EP, due out this fall. Recorded and produced by Seth Manchester at the esteemed studio/performance space Machines With Magnets in Pawtucket, there’s a vintage sound the track exudes similar to what acts like Joy Division and Siouxsie & The Banshees were releasing in the late 70’s.

“Arrival” also shows a band adding a bunch of different dimensions to a song to keep things interesting. Way Out add doses of surf and garage rock to their post-punk style to give it more grit as well as letting the rhythms fly in an effort to get you in the dancing mood. Way Out’s next show will be with New York City indie rock acts Teen and Ava Luna at Aurora in Providence on October 23, a seasonally appropriate gig that will find the band’s sounds matching the brisk chill in the air. Until you see them live, stream Way Out’s new track via Bandcamp below.