FourFiveServings of Presidential Beef: Kanye Asada taco artwork spotted in NYC

We’re all still pretty excited for Kanye West’s 2020 presidential run, and now we have an even greater reason to be stoked: Forget Democrats and Republicans, Kanye might be a part of the first ever Taco Party.

A New York City street artist who goes by the name of Hanksy offered up this tasty glimpse of the potential future of America, adorning one city block with his latest creation, Kanye Asada. The artwork appears on Thompson Street in the Village.

Hanksy made headlines a few weeks ago depicting Donald Trump as a human turd, with a straight-ahead caption of “what a piece of shit.”

Maybe Hanksy is setting up a West-Trump showdown. Maybe it’s just art. Maybe it’s just delicious. Peep the Kanye Asada below, and check out this New York Times profile on Hanksy from back in February…

"man I hate being a taco" -Kanye Asada

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