Master Of Puppies: Watch a cool dog drum along to Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’


Ok, look, the first Tuesday back after a long holiday week is usually a struggle. How much fun was this past Labor Day weekend? So much fun. Are you dragging ass today? You’re totally dragging ass today! Tuesdays are terrible on their own. Tuesdays doubling up as a Monday? The worst.

So we’re just going to jump aboard this pug’s party train as he drums along to “Enter Sandman” by Metallica. We like the dog’s pink sunglasses, we’re feeling that blue shirt, and we like his or her swagger. The pink kit is a nice touch.

Sure, the dog might not totally be playing along like that golden retriever doing Arctic Monkeys from a few weeks ago, but this is still impressive. Keyboard Cat and DJ Kitty should give this pug a holla and get a fake furry band together.


We’ll hype the shit out of it the day after Columbus Day.

[h/t Mashable, Metal Insider, and pretty much everywhere else]