Providence record store robbed of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd vinyl, thieves ignore Robert Plant solo LPs

A Providence record store has been burglarized twice this year, and its classic rock vinyl bins have been the target both times.

The Providence Journal reports that What Cheer Records on College Hill was robbed last week of its stock of Led Zeppelin vinyl, with thieves only bypassing a few Robert Plant solo releases. The incident follows up a first strike around Easter that saw the burglars make away with a stash of Pink Floyd vinyl.

Here are details from the ProJo:

“It seems like someone really wants to have a big classic rock collection; hopefully they will brag about it enough that someone hears something,” said Jennifer Daltry, co-owner along with husband Chris of the store at the corner of Angell and Thayer streets. “We have had the store for 16 years and this is the first time something like this has happened.”

The first theft took place around Easter with an entire 15-record stack of Pink Floyd LPs, both used originals and brand new reissues, lifted from the bins while a clerk was distracted. The merchandise included an original pressing of “The Wall” and a series of expensive reissues of popular albums like “The Dark Side of the Moon” that had just arrived in stock.

Then a week ago, What Cheer was hit again, this time the store’s entire stock of Led Zeppelin albums was taken, with only a few Robert Plant solo recordings left behind. The thieves even went back and cleaned out the Pink Floyd records that had been reordered since Easter plus some solo albums by the band’s eccentric original lead singer Sydd Barrett.

What Cheer Records says about $1,000 in total merchandise was taken from the store after the two incidents. Those in the area are asked to be on the lookout for re-sellers, and for readers to be aware of any hauls of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd vinyl suddenly appearing for sale on eBay.