Down Up: Watch Royal Headache yearn for ‘Carolina’ before their show in Allston tonight

This Monday in Boston has been served a double-dose of Royal Headache.

The Australian band last week dropped a new video for “Carolina,” one of the many standout tracks on new LP High (out now via What’s Your Rupture?), and follow it up on the local tip with a very-nearly-sold-out gig tonight at Great Scott in Allston.

Also appearing tonight in the about-to-erupt Rock City on the Boston Hassle and Bowery Boston co-pro are Philly DIY heroes Sheer Mag and the Channels. Tickets might be gone by the time you read this.

If that’s the case, there’s always the recorded music to fall back on, and “Carolina” is another sterling pub-rock winner for the soul punk crowd. The video was directed by Damian Sawyers and filmed, as the NME notes, at the Royal Headache practice space in Petersham, a suburb in the Inner West of Sydney. Who needs bells and whistles when the music is able to connect?

Watch “Carolina” below, and start lining hop outside Great Scott now.

Royal Headache Flyer _Killian McAssey