Rock Lives: The Struts conquer ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, set a course for American glory


Last time we checked in with rock and roll dynamo the Struts, the British gents announced a North American tour that would take them from coast to coast. Since then, several of the venues have been upgraded to much larger rooms — here in New England, their October 25 show at the 190-capacity Middle East Upstairs was moved to the Sinclair in Harvard Square, which holds more than 500 people. This sort of thing is happening all over the place.

And after the Struts’ performance of current hit “Could Have Been Me” last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, we might need an even bigger boat from sea to shining sea.

Showing off the pizzaz of ______, the glitz of ______ and a little bit of _______ with dashes of ______ and ______, the Struts just killed it in their North American TV debut. Oh, we left those spaces blank, because we’ve already covered their attention-grabbing influences.


Now’s the time for the band to stake a claim to their own identity. And the cause for celebration on this side of the Atlantic was further enhanced last night on Kimmel. We can’t wait for October 25. Watch the performance below…

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