Seasonal Impression: Listen to LA duo the Palms’ shine through in ‘Breaking (In The Summer)’


With just 11 days left in August, we’re getting pretty nervous here in New England. Last winter caused lasting psychological and emotional damage, and now the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting another cold, miserable end to the year. Out in Southern California, however, indie-pop duo The Palms are only just now “Breaking (In The Summer)”, a sure sign that life over there just may very well be better on the alleged Best Coast.

Comprised of two former members of the Terraplane Sun, The Palms create the type of sunny, melodic beach-pop fit for those who might actually prefer days out on the road than the sandy shores. “Breaking (In The Summer)” is a road-tripping pop nugget that glides best under clear skies and clearer intentions.

“Anything worth holding onto can be just as meaningful if given away,” the duo of Johnny Zambetti and Ben Rothbard tell Bullett about their new track. “We love writing songs that play on words and have lyrical layers, allowing the listener to dabble on the surface or dig for a deeper meaning. ‘Breaking (In The Summer)’ is a classic example.”

Sounds good to us.

Maybe they can bring some of their endless shine to the Northeast.