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Illuminations From The Heart: Here is Josh Groban singing Donald Trump’s tweets


We must have missed the memo about today being National Covers Day, but that’s fine, because we’ve gotten a whole lot of awesome so far. First it was Ryan Adams teasing out his covers of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” and “Style” for his ongoing 1989 project, then Boston’s Grey Season dropped an entire album’s worth of covers as a thank you to their fans.

Now, via the Huffington Post, things get political — and weird — as Jimmy Kimmel enlisted multi-platinum easy listening singer Josh Groban to sing some of Donald Trump’s tweets.

Combative remarks on Diet Coke, President Obama’s birth certificate, and global warming never sounded so… smooth.


Light up some candles, cuddle up with your honey, and start planning a presidential bid. Because Groban’s setting the motherfucking mood.

Help make America great again, watch the Kimmel clip below, and take note: Groban plays the Wang Theatre in Boston on September 25. Maybe he’ll work in some of this material…