Here Come The Hits: Ryan Adams teases ‘Blank Space’ and ‘Style’ from Taylor Swift cover project


Though no one really saw it coming, it’s truly been the Summer of Ryan Adams. That’s kinda because it’s really the Summer of Taylor Swift, but Adams is giving everyone a new chance to enjoy Tay Tay’s 1989 album all over again by crafting a covers project in Los Angeles that finds him reworking each track on the celebrated pop record. Now, it looks like Adams has finished recording 1989, and as we await what’s next — release plans, maybe a tour, Adams-Swift collaboration? — we’re getting teases of some of the album’s bigger hits.

Last night’s unveiling? “Blank Space” and “Style”. They sound just as good as “Shake It Off” does.

Check out short clips of the two tracks below. “Style” has a jangly, dream-pop kind of feel, while “Blank Space” is a stripped down, atmospheric acoustic number. They both sound really great. Has any one album ever topped the charts twice, once by its creator and then again by someone covering it? Because whenever Adams presents the entire 1989 re-boot to the masses, people are going to eat this shit up with a spork.