Listen to Kurt Cobain sing falsetto in yet another ‘unreleased’ cut from Montage Of Heck


It’s like Kurt Cobain never actually left us.

Turns out another unreleased and untitled song has been discovered, this time tacked on to the end credits of Montage Of Heck’s theatrical cut. According to Stereogum, via Alternative Nation, the song wasn’t heard in the movie, which debuted on HBO several weeks ago, and it sounds like a home demo that Cobain likely never had any plans to release. It’s even got Cobain singing in a Frankie Valli-esque falsetto at parts. Alt Nation says the song is called “I’m A Bad Man.”

Recently, someone recorded the song on their mobile phone as the credits rolled, and now it’s a part of all the other unreleased Cobain stuff that’s been coming out lately.


You can hear most of that material in a collection of unreleased Cobain music as the companion soundtrack to Montage Of Heck’s DVD release, which both hit shelves digital and physical on November 6.