Back To The Old House: Mike Joyce shares handwritten Morrissey lyric page found in basement

Mike Joyce has recently unearthed a bit of musical history. The Smiths drummer revealed via social media earlier this week that he found a lyric page for the 1985 song “The Headmaster Ritual,” hand-written by Morrissey. The track was featured on the Smiths’ 1985 album Meat Is Murder.

“Just been in the basement sorting out some boxes and here’s a little snippet of what I found,” Joyce writes in a caption for the photos below. “These hand written lyrics by Moz for ‘The Headmaster Ritual'”.

As the inquiries started coming in, presumably from both fans and collectors, Joyce adds in a comment: “For those people asking: I personally asked Moz for these, they weren’t just found in the studio! and yes, I had forgotten that I had them …and no, they’re not for sale!”

Joyce has been posting some other Smiths memorabilia as well, including a Meat Is Murder vest signed by the drummer.

Check out the pics below, and take note: Celebrated Smiths and Morrissey tribute band The Sons & Heirs perform live at Great Scott on Saturday, as part of the pill’s reunion weekend.

Headmaster Ritual

[h/t Mike Joyce on Facebook]