Watch Rick Berlin and others star in a video reenacting the origins of the JP Music Festival

Like most great things, the origin story of the JP Music Festival begins in a local laundromat.

Or so the legend goes, according to a new promo video posted by the festival organizers Rick Berlin, Justin McCarthy, Charles McEnerney, Shamus Moynihan, David Mueller, and Margie Nicoll. Turns out Berlin and Moynihan were doing some laundry on a lazy afternoon when Berlin wondered why the Boston neighborhood didn’t have its own music festival celebrating the talents of its residents.

The idea makes sense, seeing how JP is just so tough to get to from everywhere else in Boston. Why not celebrate what’s already there?

From that initial discussion over whites and darks, the video playfully reenacts the steps in how the JP Music Festival came together. Now in its fifth year, this year’s event features two stages with continuous music from more than 20 bands, going down September 12 from noon to 7 p.m. at Pinebanks Field.

After you watch the video below, scroll down for a playlist of this year’s performers, including tracks by American Echoes, Cask Mouse, •Erin Harpe & The Delta Swingers, LOVE LOVE, •The Upper Crust, Berlin’s Nickel & Dime Band, and more. In addition to the bands, JP Music Festival will also showcase performances from local cultural organizations, including The Footlight Club, Hyde Square Task Force, and Tony Williams’ Dance Center.

Click here for info on how to contribute to the festival’s fund raising efforts, and check the video and playlist below to get up to speed.