Video Premiere: Gene Dante & the Future Starlets go behind closed doors in ‘We Are All Whores’

Gene Dante is sick of the shaming.

And not just any particular brand of our modern culture’s favorite sport, but all of it. Why? Because in the end (not that end), “We Are All Whores”.

“The lyrical content of ‘We Are All Whores’ arose from a combination of my disdain toward the shaming of people for whatever fetish they may have — slut shaming, nerd shaming, gay shaming, drag shaming,” Dante tells us. “And my disdain toward that accusatory, finger-pointing, holier-than-thou perspective some people take toward people who appear to be ‘working it.’ Any musician/actor/trainwreck who’s in the public eye, but says ‘I never tried to be famous’ is a liar.”

Gene Dante, along with his Future Starlets, today pulls back the glittery curtain on all the drama with a new video for “We Are All Whores”. The bold video arrives just in time for the neo-glam band’s show this Saturday at the Sinclair in Cambridge with Bush Tetras, A Band Called E, and DJ Gang of One (Hugo Burnham of Gang Of Four).

Directed, produced, and edited by Herschel Smith Jr., “We Are All Whores” can be viewed below via Vanyaland premiere. The clip is the latest in a string of single releases from the 2014 Boston Music Awards “Best Male Vocalist nominee and Hedwig performer, which includes a track on Anngelle Wood’s recent Keep Safe Boston compilation. A live performance of “We Are All Whores” will be soon featured in the upcoming homegrown indie flick The Mayor of Rock & Roll, but for now, we have the video.

And the video wants to meet us out back.

“[It’s] a metaphor for the hangers-on/fairweathered fans that inevitably show up once something becomes en vogue,” Dante explains. “Curious people venture into a glittering black box and have a great time until, quite literally, plastic invaders show up. Jem & The Holograms (the wonderful ’80s cartoon, not the soon-to-be released abomination) meets Dr. Who, by way of a dark alley.”

Be on the lookout.