Back To The Swell: Disclosure and Sam Smith team up for another dance-pop hit in ‘Omen’


Not too long ago, vocalist Sam Smith and electronic music duo Disclosure teamed up on “Latch,” a fresh blast of new sound and emotion that served as a breakout hit for both camps. Now recognized around the globe, the Brits are back together in action again, serving up monster jam “Omen,” the latest off Disclosure’s upcoming second album, Caracal (due September 25).

Disclosure’s Howard Lawrence says the writers all got together over three days and banged out the track in what was a very organic process. “It’s very traditional way of writing songs,” adds Guy Lawrence of Disclosure, in a statements via EW. “We could do it at home. I’ll sit in the corner making a rough beat and getting all the sounds I think we’re going to use ready. Someone will think about a theme of a subject we want to talk about. It all comes together that way-and if it doesn’t come together quickly, it usually never will.”

The collab is made even cooler by it soundtracking the second in Disclosure’s four-song video series, which all tells an overarching storyline of a dystopian sci-fi drama broken into video chapters. The first, “Holding On” featuring Gregory Porter, dropped last month.


Get busy with the video, shot in Mexico City, below, and stay tuned for Part 3, coming soon…