Watch Alice Cooper’s shocking revelation: I was wrong about Mumford & Sons, they ‘rock’


The now-rocking Mumford & Sons won’t have to worry about Alice Cooper nightmares anytime soon.

Speaking to the NME, Cooper says he was wrong about Mumford & Sons, and the former folk band’s new rock and roll album Wilder Mind has helped him change his opinion about the group.

“They came up with a rock and roll album,” Cooper admits. “Proved me wrong.”


Cooper is quick to say he’s not taking back what he previously said about Mumford, something about them being an offense to rock and roll, because groups like theirs and the Lumineers should be classified strictly as “folk” and not mentioned in the same breath as Aerosmith, the Foo Fighters, or Alice Cooper. “Good folk bands,” he declares them, but not rock and roll — until now.

Watch the video below…