Police called to remove ‘aspiring’ rapper ‘spitting hot fire’ outside Salem convenience store at 2 a.m.


Earlier this week, an aspiring North Shore rapper took to a Salem convenience store just before 2 a.m., challenging all customers to a rap battle. According to reports, the rapper refused to leave the premises because he was busy “spitting hot fire.”

He eventually left after police rolled up and told him to leave the area. No word on whether or not the man in question is one of the five greatest rappers of all time — or if his name is “Dylan.”

Salem Patch has more from the scene:


At 1:45 a.m. [Thursday], police got a call from employees at a Norman Street convenience store of an undesirable man hanging out in front of the store.

When police arrived, they recognized the man as an “aspiring rap star,” as noted in the police report. The would-be rapper was rap battling customers that were trying to get some late night food, according to police.

When one of the store employees asked him to leave, the rapper refused, because he said he was “spitting hot fire.” Once the rapper noticed police were in the parking lot, he put an end to the rap battle and was asked to leave.


The staff of the store were advised to call police if the rapper shows up again.

Or they can just call Diddy.