Metal Summer: Here’s the full 18-band lineup of Allston’s ‘Grub, Sweat, And Beers’ festival


Oh good, just in time for our Independence Day hangovers to subside comes a shitshow on an even grander, boozier, rock-ier, metal-er scale — and it’s spread out over two days and nights in scenic and welcoming Allston, Massachusetts.

Buckle up as the first-annual Grub, Sweat, And Beers festival has been announced this week, and it’s a rock and roll power play that features 18 bands including Gozu, Raw Blow, Shatner, Blackwolfgoat, Jack Burton Vs David Lo Pan, Hey Zeus, and “special guests” Cock Pit, who may or may not be a secret band from yesterday reuniting just for this special occasion.

The weekend was organized by Doug Sherman of Gozu and Shatner’s Jim Healey, and it all goes down at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston next weekend, July 18 and 19.


“Jim and I love meat and metal and after playing so many amazing out-of-town fests we wanted to serve one up here and make it a yearly event that will hopefully grow,” Sherman tells Vanyaland. “New England has probably the best metal scene in the country and we want to showcase this. Bands hail from Western Mass, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Portland, Maine. It’s a party, festival, gala, jubilee, festivity rave. Cock and Awe.”

Ten bucks gets you in to each day, Ken Cmar — dubbed “a local rock icon/lothario/chef,” Sherman adds — will be manning the grill out back behind O’Brien’s, and the whole joint is sponsored by Narragansett.

Here’s the look:


Grub Sweat Tears