Dave of Thrones: Dave Grohl takes the stage in a giant light-up mobile throne as Foo Fighters return in DC


Dave Grohl is back, and he brought his rock and roll throne with him.

The Foo Fighters returned to the stage tonight for a 20th anniversary, July 4 BBQ blowout at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC, and Grohl, broken leg and all, emerged victorious in a giant light-up throne. He might not be able to jump around the stage like a madman, but the throne is apparently mobile, enabling him to get around a bit. And if that’s not enough, he’s also rocking a bright purple cast.

In 2015, rock and roll in America is alive and well.


Grohl, as everyone knows, broke his leg on stage in Sweden a few weeks ago, causing a series of European cancellations that included scrapping appearances at Glastonbury and Wembley Stadium. The North American leg — so to speak — of the Foo Fighters summer tour kicks off tonight in DC.

Check out the scene below, and take a good look at what we can expect when the Foo Fighters play Fenway Park in two weeks, July 18 with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Mission of Burma, and July 19 with Dropkick Murphys and Royal Blood.

UPDATE July 5, 9:23 a.m.: Here’s some video…



DAVE HAS A LIGHT UP THRONE!!! AND IT MOVES! #foofighters #Foo4thRFK #brokenlegtour

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Foo Fighters!!!!!!


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Foo Fighters & Dave Grohl the coolest rock star ever!!!!!

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