Vanyaland Challenge: How many times can you listen to Hallelujah The Hills’ ‘Leap Second Song’?


Usually our Vanyaland Challenges involve songs that are difficult to listen to all the way through, and the challenge is often in how long a listener can go before turning it off. There’s a lot of Paris Hilton, and that creepy guy who rolls out tween pop hopefuls. But this is a whole new challenge, as Hallelujah The Hills have commemorated today’s “Leap Second”, celebrating the world getting one extra second in our day by releasing a one-second song.

Well, it’s not even a song, really. But it’s something, yeah — and we keep hitting “play.” Frankly, “yeah” has never sounded so good. Maybe it’s because we have that extra second to spare.

“Tomorrow we will have an extra second, a leap second, to account for the slowing of the Earth’s rotation by about 2/1000’s of a sec/day,” tweeted Jah Hills frontman Ryan Walsh last night. “If I were a smart man, I would’ve recorded /released a one second long song that I asked the world to play during this bonus sec, tomorrow.”

Inspiration struck.

“I have stayed up late to make this a reality,” he tweeted in a follow-up. “Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you my one-second “Leap Second Song.” Use the “leap second” or the “leap second” uses you, friends.”

That’s real.