On Your Own: An emotional Nick McCabe of the Verve puts his beloved guitar and amp up for sale

UPDATE 2:34 EST: Friends and fans have banded together to launch a GoFundMe to help McCabe with his situation. Cheers to Johnny Dean for passing us the link. Our original article is below.

Last year Nick McCabe auctioned off some of his musical gear via Facebook, giving Britpop fans a chance to own a piece of ’90s musical history. And now the guitarist, best known for his work in British rock band the Verve, is once again selling his personal items in an attempt to pay off some university tuition bills.

An emotional and seemingly nervous McCabe took to YouTube this week to sell two items: His Gibson Gold Top Les Paul 57 VOS, which he bought in 2007, and a 1966 Fender Princeton Reverb amplifier.

“Cat not included,” says the item description, but in the video, he jokingly offers the cat up as well, if anyone wants it. “Some gratuitous genuine McCabe noodle to go with the genuine McCabe sweat, genuine McCabe bucklerash etc.”

The guitar has a price of $4,720, while the amp is listed at roughly $1,200. Interested parties are urged to hit him up on Facebook.

  1. The way you wrote this is kind of sensationalist. You make him sound like he’s going off the deep end or something. He’s back in college and dealing with the kinds of issues regular people in college deal with -like outrageous tuition costs (and some ridiculous snafu, sounds like. Anyone who’s ever gone for a degree has been there.) Really, he’s not being busted for any kind of scandal or selling off items for heroin, so this is what you had to go with to get readers? Yeah, he’s famous, but this is a non-story. Really hope things work out soon for you Nick!