Legend Among Us: John Coffey singer walks on crowd, catches beer thrown his way, drinks it like a badass


Who needs Dave Grohl when you have David Achter de Molen?

After Grohl broke his leg Friday night in Sweden, the Foo Fighters suddenly cancelled their appearance at this weekend’s Pinkpop Festival in the Netherlands. The fallen Foo was hailed a hero after coming back on a broken leg to finish his band’s set in Gothenburg, and that all may be true (loose definition of a hero, of course) but in his absence at Pinkpop, a new brand of badassery emerged.

The man responsible is the aforementioned David Achter de Molen, frontman of Dutch post-hardcore band John Coffey (named after Michael Clarke Duncan’s character in Green Mile. During their set at Pinkpop, the singer walked across the crowd on its outstretched arms, balanced himself, caught a beer in his right hand, and drank it without missing a fucking beat.


This is how legends are born.

Writes Dutch news service hln.be, translated by Google:

We’ve all had the experience. At a festival under a blazing sun to the bar hossen to order a cold beer. Unfortunately, hundreds of festival-goers at that moment the same idea. No, does David Achter de Molen, singer of the Dutch band John Coffey, the better. During their performance at Pinkpop showed the singer lifted by the audience. And just at that moment flew a pint of beer through the air. For his reaction we take off our hat …


Understandably, some sites are skeptical, but the video seems legit.

Notes inquisitr.com: Well, David Achter de Mole just might be the coolest student of Applied Psychology and lead singer in the world if that catch was real. According to the YouTube description of the various copies of the video, it purportedly isn’t a hoax or the work of some Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere video editing magic.”

Looks real to us, but hey, who knows? Decide for yourself and watch the video below before it becomes the best .gif of 2015. UPDATE: Check the .gif below, as well.

Hat tip to Dave Jarvis of Worshipper


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