Photo Gallery: Courtney Barnett explodes in colorful sound at the Sinclair in Cambridge


Editor’s Note: By now everyone has their own personal favorite lyric from Courtney Barnett‘s rambling, guitar-rocking, song-of-the-year contender “Pedestrian At Best,” but this one stands out the most: “Put me on a pedestal, and I’ll only disappoint you.” The brilliant Australian singer-songwriter has stood tall on that pedestal for most of 2015, and there’s no disappointment in sight. At a sold-out Sinclair last night in Cambridge, Barnett showed why she’s one of the most gifted young musicians of our time, and Matthew Shelter was there to capture the sights of the sounds. Barnett is back in New England this summer when she performs at Newport Folk Festival, and that’s our definition of a can’t-miss experience.