Vanyaland Premiere: Step out into spring with the sunny pop vibes of Coeds’ ‘Videos’


A while back, Belle & Sebastian famously demanded that we “get out of the office, and into the springtime.” But in the 15 years that have passed, it hasn’t been easy to find that proper sound to soundtrack our fresh step out into the open air.

Coeds have now provided that song.

The Austin-and-New York pop duo of Merideth Muñoz (formerly of DC-based Title Tracks) and longtime friend Ryan Kailath are set to release their debut 7-inch, Sensitive Boys, next week (May 19) via Old Flame Records. But it’s the b-side that grabbed our attention: the sunny, sassy, and vibrant “Videos” is exactly what we need on this May morning.


“‘Videos’ came about after missing someone and forgetting what their voice sounded like,” Muñoz tells Vanyaland. “I went on YouTube and found an interview in order to remember. That of course stirred up a lot of emotions about how things could have been different. The lyrics follow the story of being dumped and pretending to be stronger than you actually are.”

That’s what springtime is all about.

Coeds were born after Muñoz began writing new material two years ago. After the duo laid the demo groundwork for “Sensitive Boys” in just a few minutes, they continued their long-distance collaboration with Muñoz in Austin and Kailath in New York City. We’re told the next Coeds single will take things in a new, slightly less electronic direction, so we’re stepping out to “Videos” while it’s still nice outside.


Let “Videos” shine down from above via the Soundcloud embed below. It feels good.

Coeds_Sensitive Boys 7 cover