‘Take Control’: British band Slaves defend their band name in lengthy online message

We’ve been fairly smitten with British rock duo Slaves ever since we caught them last year tearing down the walls of an Austin venue during SXSW. Since then, as the band’s profile has grown considerably, drummer/vocalist and Isaac Holman and guitarist/vocalist Laurie Vincent have encountered some negative feedback in regards to their name.

Today, with debut album Are You Satisfied? set for release next month, Slaves decided to address the issues surrounding their moniker and attempt to clarify the thought process behind it. The band says the name refers to being a slave of modern society, and all the things that keep us from true happiness. Slaves’ most recent single off their new record is titled “Cheer Up London”.

Read their statement below…

Our band is called Slaves.

We were working tedious 9-5 jobs when we started playing together, stacking shelves and mopping floors. The music we make is aggressive, motivational music. Cease Fire and Wishing Well are the first two tracks we ever wrote, they address people addicted to smoking and the struggle of the day to day rat race “It doesn’t matter if they’re taken because they’ll take you”.

Our band name relates to people not being in control of their day to day lives. Slaves was our way of getting off the paths we didn’t want to walk down anymore. The music we make is motivational and aimed at people personally as well as collectively. New tracks like “Do something” and “Cheer up London” are aimed at making people realise life is out there for the taking. “If your not moving, do something” a lyric intended to influence people to make a change in their day to day lives, if it needs to be changed that is.

The band name has become more and more relevant as our band has evolved and we have gained traction. Our dreams have unfolded in front of our eyes and we know now that anything is possible. It puts us in a fortunate position in which to show other people that their aspirations are reachable too.

‘Are you satisfied?’ comes out on June 1st and from beginning to end, with the title and artwork, it is aimed at everyday people. Personal politics. Are you happy? If you’re not, why not change it? Pick up a guitar, do a drawing, anything you want. Take control. Inspiring people is our goal.

Slaves has been an extremely positive chapter of our lives but we have also been struck by negative comments towards our name, which we do get frustrated about. On this point we would like to highlight the Oxford dictionary definition of the word Slaves; “(Especially in the past) a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them.” As you can see, there is no mention of race. All different slave trades could be discussed now, but it would be futile.

Our name and music is aimed at being a slave to day to day life and routine, it is a metaphorical use of the word.

In conclusion, we are all slaves in this modern age, whether it be to our jobs, corporations, social media or society in general, we are all in this together.


Here is Slaves video for “The Hunter,” which dropped in January, as well as recent single “Feed The Mantaray” and the aforementioned “Cheer Up London”…