Reagan Oof: John Hinckley Jr., man who shot president in 1981, wants to start a band


The man who failed in his attempt to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in 1981 as a means to impress actress Jodie Foster wants to start a band. John Hinckley, Jr., who has remained under the care of psychiatrists after being found “not guilty by reason of insanity” more than 30 years ago, might be soon able to live full-time outside the mental hospital.

And with this newfound freedom, he wants to rock out. Presumably.

Get ready for the most awkward Craigslist ad ever to appear in the Virginia area anytime now.


Here’s more via NBC Washington:

A psychiatrist treating the man who shot President Ronald Reagan in 1981 says he wants to start a band and should be allowed to publish his music anonymously.

Dr. Giorgi-Guarnieri testified Friday during court hearings that will ultimately determine whether and under which conditions John Hinckley Jr. will be allowed to live full time outside a mental hospital.
Giorgi-Guarnieri says Hinckley should be allowed to start the band, but not perform publicly.


Hinckley’s lawyer and treatment team say he’s ready to live full time at his 89-year-old mother’s home in Virginia under certain conditions.

Hinckley has been allowed freedom in stages. He spends 17 days a month at his mother’s Williamsburg home. One of his interests is music, and he sings and plays the guitar. He also participates in music therapy.

As Dangerous Minds points out, Hinckley’s actions were a boon for ’80s hardcore punk bands. Maybe when he finally gets the band together in his mother’s garage in Virginia, he’ll cover this jam from Suicidal Tendencies. The first line is, of course, “I shot Reagan!”


[h/t The Goddamn Glenn Show]