Constants: VÉRITÉ adds to her inevitable Greatest Hits comp with dramatic alt-pop track ‘Colors’


It’s rare we get to watch a Greatest Hits compilation unfold in real time. But that’s what it feels like with every new single released by VÉRITÉ. Today, the New York City singer/songwriter dropped “Colors”, a dramatic, tumbling alt-pop anthem with new age vibes and a textured hook that strives for constant entanglement with your head space.

“Colors” premiered today on Popjustice, just as VÉRITÉ gets ready to play a string of dates in the United Kingdom and France next month, including the Great Escape Festival in Brighton. She pulls back the curtain and explains the process behind her latest gem:

“Colors was written over the course of a few days on my bed. I hadn’t yet met Zach Nicita of MSMR, who produced the track, which is more normal than it sounds. I had been forwarded the track from my manager and was immediately semi-obsessed with how hard the percussion hit from the start. It’s the first time I had collaborated with Zach and written over a track that was so developed. It definitely challenged me to write strong and dynamically from the start and really strongly solidify a departure from ambient synth pop. Lyrically, it has a really complex, convoluted meaning to me that has changed with each iteration of the song. I hope you enjoy!”

Listen to “Colors” below, and let it all soak in.

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