Listen to this new Mumford & Sons song that sounds absolutely nothing like Mumford & Sons (or Coldplay)


By now we all know that banjo-creeps Mumford & Sons have a new, polished alt-rock sound, and have upped the rock and roll on new LP Wilder Mind. But this new song “The Wolf,” off the new record out May 4, is just on some other shit entirely.

You can’t listen to this and say it sounds anything like Mumford & Sons. Or even Coldplay, which Wilder Mind’s first single “Believe” pretty much ripped off.

But this is… rocking? So all the people who hated Mumford in the past must love it, right? Or do you suddenly miss the banjos and shit.


Can’t win.

Meanwhile, Mumford & Sons will play Saturday Night Live this weekend. Flex those hate-tweet muscles in advance.


Mumford Wilder Mind