Just Face It: Oh, Malô step away from the beard in ‘Out On My Own’ video


It’s been said that if you stare into a beard long enough, the beard eventually stares back at you. It’s the first step in a decent into madness that has taken the lives, social and otherwise, of many men.

For Boston rock band Oh, Malô — who play Brighton Music Hall in Allston tonight with From Indian Lakes, the Soil & the Sun, and Lemolo — it was time to shed this increasingly common second skin and embark on a fresh start.

In new video for “Out On My Own”, bassist Jordan Lagana becomes re-acquainted with his cheeks and chin, something he had not seen in the flesh for over a year. Yes, this is a video about shaving. And it’s glorious.


“[The] video exposes many of the dire inconveniences of life with a beard,” guitarist/vocalist Brandon Hafetz tells us. “The hair in his eggs was a collection of all of the shaved facial hair of the other three members of the band.”

Perhaps this is a new trend of mass shavings, perhaps it’s just another ritual to a will-it-ever-come? springtime. Either way, Oh, Malô meticulous sound, which feels like it teeters on the brink of pop madness at every point along the song’s way, is a fitting soundtrack to the reclamation of one’s self.

And tonight starts fresh.