Nowhere USA: Can someone please show Ride a nicer part of Southern California?


It’s pretty good to be a reunited rock band from the ’90s, but even the best of them can witness the ugly side of America. British shoegaze legends Ride, fresh off their first plugged-in live performance in 20 years this past weekend in England, just landed in Southern California for a show Wednesday at the Roxy in Los Angeles.

And singer/guitarist Mark Gardener celebrated the occasion by tweeting out maybe the worst photo of California we’ve ever seen. Beaches, mountains, beautiful people? Nope. How about a beat-up silver Toyota Corolla rolling through an intersection, an empty billboard atop a liquor store, and some construction in the background.

“California here we are!,” Gardener tweeted out.


Maybe when Ride play Coachella this weekend and next out in scenic Palm Springs, they’ll be able to take in some of the Golden State’s prettier sites.

Until then, it’s this photo below. “In A Different Place,” indeed.