Vanyaland Premiere: Yale, Massachusetts go for rock and roll glory on ‘Guts’

They say that winning the Rock and Roll Rumble comes down to one basic premise: No guts, no glory. If that’s indeed the case, Yale, Massachusetts suddenly have a leg up on next month’s competition, as today the Boston pop-punk band unveils “Guts”, the latest banger track off their upcoming EP Pizzeria Regina George.

And the song is a true anthem of Rumble season.

“Now I’m ripping up my lungs, for who knows what,” sings frontman and indefatigable Hartford Whalers supporter Roger Lussier. “Now I’m puking up my guts, and I don’t know how much longer.”

Pizzeria Regina George drops in full on April 7 via Antique Records and everydayisamixtape, which gives us nearly two weeks of proper marination before Yale, Massachusetts throw down on Preliminary Night 6, April 18 at T.T. The Bear’s Place alongside New City Ghost, Soft Pyramids, and the Warning Shots.

It’s a Saturday night party and the preliminary week finale, so they’ll be plenty of guts spewed across Central Square. Listen to it below, and get those gang vocals ready to Rumble.

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