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New French Cuisine: Luke Haines launches IndieGogo campaign for ‘Outsider’ cookbook


Luke Haines is probably Britpop’s greatest unsung hero.

In 1993, his group the Auteurs unknowingly launched the scene with then-kindred spirits Suede. The Auteurs later strayed from the British guitar pop sound into what can only be described as “Baroque pop” territory, eventually disbanding in 1999. Haines enjoyed further success with Black Box Recorder and as a solo artist.

Now, he wants to bring his outsider art to your kitchen with a very unique cookbook.


Haines is seeking £5,000 for Outsider Food and Righteous Rock and Roll. Inspired by the recipes he’s been posting on his blog, the cookbook will be fully illustrated by Haines himself. The IndieGogo campaign page describes the future book as “a lifestyle choice.” Like the recipes found on his blog, those found in the book will likely be a mix of ingredients, cooking instructions, and ruminations on both classic and obscure rock and roll. There are perks available based on the amount that you can contribute to the book’s campaign, ranging from signed copies to original songs.

According to IndieGogo, the first edition of Outsider Food and Righteous Rock and Roll will be limited to 500 so make a pledge and reserve your copy. Full details below.