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Don’t Look Backstage In Anger: Liam Gallagher given ‘access all areas’ pass to Noel Gallagher gig


Sometimes a simple tweet can bring out so many feelings. And rampant speculation.

Earlier today Liam Gallagher used Twitter to show off a fancy new all-access pass for a Noel Gallagher High Flying Birds gig, complete with the baiting caption: “Keeping it in the family.” Of course this means the British press are already in a tizzy about the brothers being back on speaking terms, and are no doubt preparing their Oasis reunion posts as you read this.

Liam doesn’t specify which High Flying Birds gig he will be attending (or had attended), but did tweet this cryptic message earlier in the week: “Hometown Gig Monday night, Keeping it Dangerous LG x”


This past Monday, March 9, Noelly G performed at Manchester Arena in Manchester, England, in support of new alum Chasing Yesterday. We surely would have heard by now if Liam caused a ruckus — in the crowd, backstage, or anywhere within a 10-mile radius of the show.

With this unexpected invite (and acceptance), Liam has seemed to come a long way on his big bother’s new band. On the day the High Flying Birds released their debut record back in 2011, Liam tweeted out a simple one-word message of “shitbag”.

Meanwhile, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds perform at Fabrique in Milan, Italy, tonight. Maybe Liam will be there, too.


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