Electronic pop duo ColorGrave fight temptation on stirring debut single ‘Fever Dreams’

Temptation is a hell of a drug, and sometimes the only thing more detrimental to a relationship than an idle mind are the constant distractions that creep up in our head spaces. As Chris Rock once said, a man is only as faithful as his options. And in the sexed up ultra-media age of 2015, options, whether real or not, appear everywhere.

Boston electronic pop duo ColorGrave know this all too well, and their debut single “Fever Dreams,” out today via Soundcloud, is a tale of the struggle to stay true to the one you love. Producer and programmer Rob Wu, one-half of Color Grave alongside classically trained vocalist Thomas Morris, breaks the song’s impassioned theme down for Vanyaland.

“It’s both figurative/literal,” Wu says. “In the literal sense, it’s about trying to stay awake next to the person you love because every time you fall asleep, you’re tempted by others. Figuratively, I think it happens to us daily. With social media, “sexed” news anchors, billboards, magazines… sex is thrown in our face all the time and our attention is constantly drawn away.”

He adds: “So really, the song is sung from a male’s perspective and every time the chorus hits, he’s trying to remind himself to wake up and not get sucked into the fantasy — or in the figurative sense, the over sexification of America, which includes unobtainable body shapes, polish, Photoshopped faces. All that stuff isn’t real.”

What is real is Color Grave’s potential.

“Fever Dreams” is a brooding, darkly lit pop jam lyrically centered on emotional transgressions — call it our generation’s “Family Man” by Hall & Oates — that suggests a good year ahead for the fledgling project. We’ll hear what else Color Grave has in the production tank when they perform their debut live show April 19 at the Middle East in Cambridge for Miss Geo’s EP release party. Casey Desmond and Child Actor are also on the bill.

Listen to “Fever Dreams” below…

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