Vanyaland Premiere: The Devil’s Twins are all of us in stomp-along new single ‘Cold Damn Day’

The Devil’s Twins are like, “It’ll be a cold damn day.” And all of us in Boston are like, “Oh don’t we know it.”

Spring fever may have sprung around Boston as the temperatures reach a damn-near-tropical 50 degrees around town, but like any good mentality moving forward, you shouldn’t forget where you came from. On new single “Cold Damn Day”, the Massachusetts noir-punk trio scrape the frost off your beer bottle and raise it to the stars, melting together influences that spans decades and attitude that remains timeless. We may have shaken winter off, for now, but the memory is still pretty fresh in our minds and those dirty-ass snowbanks serve as a cruel reminder of our recent solitude.

Listen to “Cold Damn Day,” serving as much as a threat as stomp-along anthem, via the band’s Soundcloud below.

Tonight the Twins celebrate the release of their new EP, Consequences, tonight at TT.The Bear’s Place in Cambridge before heading to warmer days down south in Texas en route to another round with South-By-Southwest. In addition to the release of Consequences, which was partially recorded at Q Division in Somerville, the Devil’s Twins will also drop their debut 7-inch, “Old Fashioned Singles,” off a new label in town called Day of The Dead Records.

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