PSA: The Sun Lions are slowly unveiling one of the best Boston rock records of 2015


There’s been a new trend in indie music lately where a band releases one new song each month, a slow rollout of music that eventually culminates in an album-as-compilation release. Boston guitar-rock trio the Sun Lions have taken this approach in 2015, and it’s working — not only has each release, around the first of the month, Bone Thugs-style, allowed each single to independently marinate online, but it’s also helping shape the sound and vibe of their upcoming full-length.

The Sun Lions’ new material, recorded in November at Sonelab in Easthampton and engineered and mixed by the great Justin Pizzoferrato, builds off last year’s standout single “Best Of Me”, which was better than anything Dave Grohl wrote on the last Foo record. And tonight at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston, they release “Interrupted,” a punchy song that reminds us of a sweet middle ground between lost late-’90s band D-Generation and their usual Replacements nods.

“We’ve released three singles now on the first of the past three months, and we’ll be releasing one more single April 1, then the full album with a show at the Middle East on April 26,” reports guitarist/vocalist Pete Schluter.


We love what we hear so far.

Listen to the Sun Lions’ three 2015 singles below…

Sun Lions