Crave Space: Flight Facilities want to play your house party tonight after their Sinclair gig


Flight Facilities’ show tonight at the Sinclair in Cambridge is very sold out, but there looks to be a second chance to party with the Australian electronic music duo before the leave town to play Philly tomorrow night.

Hugo Gruzman and James Lyell put word out through Facebook that they’re looking to host an after party somewhere, and if you have the space and equipment, drop them a line and get things sorted out.

“Cambridge, since you were first to sell out we wanna play at YOUR house party after the show tonight!” Flight Facilities wrote on their Facebook page. “Msg us if you have a house and Equipment.”


We imagine they’re looking to party somewhere in the Harvard Square area, near the Sinclair. But who knows? Shame the Magic Room in Brighton isn’t operational anymore.

And they say nothing happens in this town on a Tuesday. Hit them up via the FB link below…


Flight FF