Lazy vandals replace Beck with Beyoncé on Boston Calling subway poster in Downtown Crossing

Has anyone spotted Kanye West at Downtown Crossing recently?

A Boston Calling Music Festival poster advertising May’s lineup has been vandalized by someone crossing out Beck’s name and replacing it with a crude scribble of Beyoncé’s, complete with an accent over the second “e”.

Somerville resident Andrew Galante snapped the photos below at the Downtown Crossing MBTA station in the corridor to the Alewife side of the Redline.

“The people have spoken,” Galante writes on Instagram, “or Kanye strikes again!”

At the Grammys earlier this month, West forever linked Beck to Beyoncé after he declared that the pop singer should have won Album Of The Year over Beck’s Morning Phase. The other day he apologized for it.

Now, this saga has extended into Boston’s festival scene.

Despite the controversy — and the vandal’s preference of performer — Beck will headline the Friday night portion of this spring’s Boston Calling on May 22. Check out the full lineup here, and images of the doctored festival poster below…

BosCall Beyonce Beck 2

BosCall Beyonce Beck 1