Call Me Again, Please?: Carly Rae Jepsen announces new single ‘I Really Like You’


No matter what happens to Carly Rae Jepsen, the Canadian singer will always be known for her 2011 viral-hit “Call Me Maybe.” But that’s not stopping her from trying to move forward in her career, and today Jepsen announced a new single, “I Really Like You,” with what seems like the promise of a new album as well. It’d be her third after 2012’s Kiss, which featured “Call Me Maybe,” and pretty-much-forgotten 2008 debut Tug of War.

Jepsen penned a note to her fans all A-Rod style this evening, and even she knows it’s been a hot minute since we were all bumping her jam in our cubicles and iPhones.

Read it below. No release schedule it mentioned, but we already can’t wait.

carly rae jepsen

Meanwhile, “Call Me Maybe” is approaching 650 million plays on YouTube. Which is, uhhh, kinda crazy.